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Ball valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, check valve, hydraulic control valve, drain valve, pressure reducing valve, fluorine lined rubber lined valve, breathing valve, solenoid valve, balance valve, electric valve, pneumatic valve, etc


Shanghai Baigang Valve Group Co., LtdThe original "Shanghai baigang valve machinery factory" was founded in 1998, is a valve with more than 20 years of technology and technology in Shanghai valve manufacturers, after years of construction and accumulation of development, the restructuring of Rongsheng group company. Group registered capital of 61.88 million yuan, the group headquarters is located in Shanghai Jinshan District, Shanghai valve brand, one of China's valve brands, is a collection of scientific research, casting/forging, production, sales and service in one of the modern professional valve manufacturing enterprises.

Baigang Valve Group mainly produces and sells valve varieties and specifications of a wide range of scale coverage, including large caliber valves: large caliber gate valve, large caliber butterfly valve, large caliber ball valve, large caliber flow regulating valve, large caliber ventilation butterfly valve, large caliber blind valve, large caliber water valve, etc. Automatic control valve series: used for nitrogen valve/drain valve, electric valve, pneumatic control valves, electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valves, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valves, electric gate valves, pneumatic valve, electric valve, pneumatic valve, self-reliance type control valve, pneumatic cut-off valve, solenoid valve, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and accessories, etc.; High performance butterfly valve, throttle cut-off vent valve; Special material valve series (special material alloy valve) : titanium and titanium alloy valve (titanium ball valve), nickel and nickel alloy valve (Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel), zirconium and zirconium alloy valve, double-phase steel valve, etc. General valves include gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, globe valves and other products.

  • 2010 Year
    Set up
  • 6.188 (million yuan)
    registered capital
  • 38000 +square
    built-up area
  • 300


Valve products and industry information


Shanghai Baigang valve high-end products are widely used in chemical industry, oil and gas industry, electric power industry, metallurgy industry, municipal water conservancy engineering, environmental protection treatment industry, pharmaceutical and food industry, etc